Thursday Thread: One Year Ago…

A message from our co-founder, Shereen Sater, for today’s #ThursdayThread:

One year ago today, Lindsey and I were in the thick of our capstone projects trying to figure out what an ideal life looked like for both of us once we graduated six months later.

We rented out a conference room – brought tons of sticky notes and markers – and spent a day brainstorming everything we wanted out of a potential, future business together. We discussed the services we wanted to offer, the way we wanted to represent the brand, and some really, big scary “future” dreams for “10 years down the road” – what we deemed at the time “BIG [FUTURE] IDEAS.” We wanted every idea captured on those walls (one of which was #ThursdayThread).

We ended the night with our significant others toasting to what ever the future had in store for us and this business, and launched our LLC in February 2021.

It hasn’t been perfect, and it certainly hasn’t been what we planned with those perfectly placed sticky-notes in their respective categories.

But the unexpected has been so welcomed. 

It’s crazy to reflect on the reality that unfolded from that exhilarating (and, admittedly, slightly overwhelming) brainstorming day.

Thank you to our coaching clients, to the teams that have trusted us to facilitate some out-of-the-box trainings, and to the organizations that have allowed us to collaborate and design a more intentional future.

Thank you to our respective support systems and our entire Master of Science in Learning & Organizational Change at Northwestern University network. And, most of all, to each other.

We’ve accomplished more than we set out to, celebrated both wins and failures, and have already crossed off some BIG [FUTURE] IDEAS. We can’t wait to share the new [bigger and better] things we have in store for THREAD in the next year.

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